CacheMe - Geocaching with MeeGo

May 13, 2011

CacheMe is an online geocaching application. It's written entirely in Qt and QtMobility running on Linux, Windows, Symbian^3, Maemo5 and MeeGo. Portability is achieved by using the Qt framework which is supported on various platforms. The flexibility is achieved by extensively using plugins to include functionality like new map sources or geocache location providers.

Highlights include


This the platform CacheMe has initially been developed for. Although having been released officially on November 2010, the necessary QtMobility 1.1 is still only available as a community provided port for Maemo5. CacheMe for Maemo5 can thus also only be distributed via the extras-devel repository which is in general not recommended to be used by end-users.


This is the plattform CacheMe was initially intended to be developed for. Still no MeeGo hardware has been released by now. Thus the only hardware i've ever been able to run it on are my own efforts to get MeeGo to run on the beagleboard. Since these devices don't have GPS support, the usage of CacheMe is rather limited. Furthermore, the theming of Qt applications under MeeGo convers parts of the main screen making certain vital UI elements of CacheMe unclickable/unusable.

via Harbaum

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