GnGeo-GUI Front End for Xgngeo - Pyside

May 1, 2011


User Ade from Maemo.Org has created GnGeo-gui which is front end for Xgngeo created in Pyside.


To be able to use gngeo-gui, you need to install gngeo, including the related bios. Once gngeo works, you can use gngeo-gui.
I picked up the file "gngeo-0.7-n900-binary.tar.gz" somewhere on this forum for that. The executable gngeo had some hardcoded paths in it which I hacked for myself to /opt/gngeo paths instead of /home/user/gngeo..
The emulator gngeo itself works rather well. Too bad the full screen mode is buggy. The keys where already set for use with the gamegripper. Make sure you also have a romrc.d map containing rom info.

Full information can be found on the original thread

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