Intel AppLab at MeeGo Conference San Francisco

May 28, 2011


During the warm up sessions at the MeeGo Conference in San Francisco Intel continued its crusade to acquire more developers in the shape of the Intel AppLab. They realise that that for the perfect ecosystem (a relatively new word to many), they require all the different ingredients to be present. Developers learnt how to develop apps for Intel AppUp center focusing on MeeGo. There were two sessions planned but as ever they were "Highly" popular.

The AppLab is a chance for Intel to explain to willing developers how to use the SDK (available to download) and a Quick Q&A session to follow. There where also incentives on offer for developers to submit their applications early. Also included was the "AppUp Encapsulator" which allows web code HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web API calls, embeddable code etc and then convert it to an application through programmable API’s for MeeGo and AppUp.

As part of the incentives for Developers to getting MeeGo Coding, each attendee got a ExoPC Tablet. Heres a picture of one lucky person and just look at all the smiles all round:

Can anyone say who these MeeGons below are supposed to represent ?

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