Nokia N900 Developer Edition Videos - MeeGo Conference 2011

May 29, 2011


As promised to the community the Nokia N900 San francisco build has been released. As stated previously with relation to this build it is NOT designed to be a everyday phone, as the name suggests it is a Developer Edition and to be used primarily for that purpose.

Here is a Video of the User Interface in action at the San Francisco conference, also in the video you can see the recently released Tablet UX running on a N900 (what a versatile device).

What you can do with it ? Cellular Calls, SMS, Camera, Browser / WLAN, Optimised power management and performance in ARM/OMAP3

Another additional video has surfaced by Amanda Lam

Here are some pictures showing live voice calling at the event:


Special bonus points if you know this guys name ?

More pics for your eyes only


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