Nokia N950 / N9 MeeGo Device one step closer to release

May 11, 2011

Although we like fact than fiction and do not tend to dwell on Rumours (You can check all the previous posts), there are two bits that collaborate the Nokia N950 coming soon. Yes I know, we've never got involved with this stuff before but theres a first time for everything. have published a story titled "Nokia N9 Unexpectedly Passes FCC"


The Nokia N9 MeeGo-powered handset, once thought dead, has just gotten FCC approval. Although the FCC device only goes by model number RM-680, it has been well established that they are one and the same; plus, a side-by-side comparison of the FCC label schematic and a leaked N9 component show nearly identical markings. Among its penta-band WCDMA support is compatibility with all AT&T and T-Mobile 3G frequencies.

With Nokia having committed to Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 for future smartphones, it's not at all clear where N9 sits in the company's plans -- if it indeed has a place at all: reports have the N9-00 losing its QWERTY slider to become the FWVGA, 1.6GHz Intel Atom-powered N9-01. And the fact that an expected Mobile World Congress debut never materialized back in February further obfuscates the future of this handset. It seems that we'll just have to wait and see what direction things take, because frankly, it's all pretty confusing at this point.

Second bit of Evidence is My Nokia Blog have posted that a film company ArguellesPictures / @Arguelles_ tweeted that they had began filming for the new “Nokia N950″.


Text is below:

This week #Arguelles began filming #Nokia spot in @ArguellesPics. For the new ‘Nokia N950′ touch screen 4G smartphone releasing this summer.

With all this going on, we thought it is the right time to post the first leaked pictures of this device. We never posted them before as it was potentially more fiction than fact, but that seems to be changing.


So it Looks like we might have the beloved device sooner than later, as it was previously whispered a probable September release was likely but sources also confirmed that Nokia were in a position to release sooner, but with the shift to Windows Phone they had no immediate urgency to do so.

We wish Nokia all the luck in the world with this device (not that they need it), so the Maemo Nokia N900 masses get what they have been waiting for.

Source [My Nokia Blog] [Pocket Now]

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