Nokia - Still Ontrack with a MeeGo handset but No Tablet.

May 4, 2011


According to website: Yesterday the Annual General Meeting of Nokia saw a record turnout. 3,000+ shareholders appeared at the Helsinki Fair Centre to listen CEO Stephen Elop address the shareholders for the first time. Two bits of information pertaining to MeeGo were discussed as below:

Did you consider using the Meego operating system along with other manufacturers?

“We discussed Meego with HTC, RIM, Samsung, LG, and Motorola. One manufacturer was fairly interested in Meego and the others have their own plans, and they were not particularly interested in Meego. They were afraid that Nokia had too much power in Meego”, Elop says.

Will the Meego product that comes on sale at the end of the year be a touch-screen computer?

“No, it is not a tablet computer. There are 200 touch-screen computers on the market, and the only one that is a financial success is the Apple iPad. There is no point in us imitating it, like all of the others are doing without success. We need to make different kinds of products.”

So, MeeGo tablet is a No and MeeGo Handset is still a Yes. It will be interesting see what type of products "We need to make different kinds of products" actually translates into. Its hard to see how a company can strive to out perform or better particular products when certain markets don't even think they have managed to equal them.

As for pitching MeeGo to other handset manufacturers, Nokia had to produce a handset, have faith in it and create the bandwagon for everyone to get onboard. With No product, No vision and No bandwagon, then what were they supposed to get on board with ?

Source [Helsingin Sanomat]

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