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May 27, 2011


Tweed Suit 0.8.0-3 is currently in extras-testing.

Tweed Suit 0.8.2-1 For N950 (alpha) available for N9/N950

Tweed Suit is a desktop style Twitter client and RSS reader for people with good eyesight and the need for massive amounts of information. You don't actually have to have a Twitter account to use it. You can just use it as a information gathering tool, but obviously without the direct messages, home and mentions.

Here is some help in getting started:

To authenticate yourself fill in your username and password in the user dialog (click the user icon). The icon should change to indicate you're authenticated. NOTE: password is stored in plaintext in a somewhat obscurely named sqlite database. You can enter some bogus username and password to remove the real one from there if you want.

When you're done authenticating (or don't want to) then you can add a column. Click the + to open column dialog.
There are 7 different kinds of columns: Home, Mentions, DM, search, user, list and RSS

Home, mentions and dm don't really use whatever you write in the box, but you can use it to name the column. Mine are called Home, Mentions and DM
Search columns search twitter for whatever you write in the box. you can use AND and OR to specify. I have one with
N900 OR maemo OR #meego
User columns display one users tweets. write the username in the box. Clicking someones twitter name conveniently creates a user column for that user.
List columns show a twitter list. enter username/listname in the box. For example @almehdin/maemo
RSS columns display an RSS feed. Enter the url in the box. If you want lots of stuff I recommend using a feed combiner, for example or Atom doesn't work.

Anyway, I hope you like it. I will update this first post with information and updates.


There are a bunch of known bugs, but I haven't had time to fix a bugtracker so please write here if you find something.

Tips and tricks
- select the language you want to translate tweets to from the authentication dialog
- click and hold top bar of a column to open move dialog
- you can view a larger version of peoples profile pics by clicking on them
- you can tweet rss feed links by clicking tweet this. You're able to modify the tweet before you send (tags and shorten urls if need be)
- for battery friendly idle usage, remove all autorefreshing columns, except those you want notified. I usually have Home on manual and mentions on autorefresh 900 seconds with notifications.
- you see a whole discussion between two people by clicking the "in reply to" link, and then the same in the new column and so on.
- long texts in rss feeds are continued in the dropdown
- press and hold the aA button to reset font size to default

EDIT: 0.8.0-3
- Select translation language (select from user dialog)
- autorotate
- bugfixes

EDIT: 0.7.8-2
- HTTPS support finally!
- a little star marks favorited tweets. More features regarding favorites will appear in a future version.

EDIT: 0.7.7-1
- keyboard navigation (left / right, wraps for quicker navigation)
- resize tweet and column box in portrait mode
- slightly faster column loading on startup
- textfield focus

EDIT: 0.7.6-2
- Fixed single tweet bug
- Some minor changes to bottom buttons UI. Touching the very bottom of the screen anywhere now makes the buttons more visible. Quicknav buttons are a bit further apart.
- Added a "Reply All" button. Thanks to lifenexus for that brilliant idea! Something I've been missing, but never thought about adding.

EDIT: 0.7.6-1 submitted to autobuilder
- adds soft start, where it loads one column at a time, to prevent choking or crashing on start. Takes longer though :/
- sets column cachebuffer to 0 at start. Changes after scrolling. Can cause choppiness the first time you scroll.
- text resize has a total of 6 sizes, from 10 to 22.
- quick navigation

EDIT: 0.7.5-1 submitted to autobuilder
- adds fullscreen switch similar to that in MicroB
- adds quick font size change button.
- modify refresh rate and notifications
- special thanks to Michael Secord (Gizmokid2005) for some ui work

EDIT: 0.7.3-2 submitted to autobuilder
- fixes the stupid mistake I made that made it impossible to move columns.

EDIT: 0.7.3 submitted to autobuilder
- changes some graphics
- improves profile image viewer
- adds "loading" animation to pictures
- fixes that makes all "loading" animations stop hogging cpu while invisible
- all stored columns are now loaded when not authenticated (but only the ones not requiring authentication shows anything)
- you can now add list and user columns when not authenticated
- username is shown in auth dialog when authenticated
- something else, but I've forgotten what it was.

Planned/Requested features (Sorted by anticipated implementation speed)
- Autorotate (I forgot that this wasn't there because I use forced autorotation with cssu)
- Grey out send button when character limit reached

- Help/About dialog (To help people get started)
- Favorite/Unfavorite tweet
- Column focus, up down navigation
- Block/Unblock user

- Favorites column
- Trending topics
- New followers list
- A way to 'Short Name' the columns
- ATOM support and improved RSS support
- Notifications in one box or on top of app.
- Geolocation

- Image previews (twitpic, tumbler etc)
- Proper RSS post previews
- Map integration for showing locations

UTOPISTIC: (Don't hold your breath)
- upload pictures/videos (use sharing plugins instead)
- Facebook
- Video viewing integration

Test results
I did some endurance testing on a proper PR1.3 N900 (mine is full of devel stuff and cssu and whatnot, this one is clean) and to turns out Tweed Suit uses very little battery and is very stable. Left it for 24 hours with 5 columns, 3 of which were slowly auto refreshing (2400 seconds), and it only ate 20% battery over that period. Going to try with what I use, which is 900 to 1200 second refresh rate and see how much it eats.

PS I also use Tweed Suit on my Linux desktop and on my work computer without any changes. It scale nicely:

Class .. : Meddler, Thread watcher, Developer, Helper
Humor .. : [********--] Alignment: Pacifist
Patience : [*****-----] Weapon(s): N900, N950, Metal music
Agro ... : [----------] Relic(s) : N95, NGage, Tamyia Wild One

Try Tweed Suit for your hardcore twittering needs
I like my coffee black, like my metal.


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