Wow - Nokia N9 / N950 Teaser Video is out ! - MeeGo

May 17, 2011


To tease or not to tease. Damn this video is teasing and it seems to be "possibly" the next MeeGo powered Nokia N9 (or N950 depending on when you started following the story) handset.

The news of the Nokia device has been gaining momentum ever since it has been spotted as being filed in the FCC, this was then further investigated by Mobile blog Unwired View and discovered that Nokia requested a very short confidentiality agreement – just 45 days, as opposed to normal gagging clauses of 90 days or more. All this seems to suggest that the Nokia N*** is here in a big way. Read Nokia N950 / N9 MeeGo Device one step closer to release

People have been asking if its possibly Symbian or Windows Phone in this video opposed to MeeGo as the operating system and even though it is not categorically stated as MeeGo, I have never seen an Operating System multitask as I have seen this one do, Well, none other than Maemo (Nokia N900) so for me, if I had to bet, I'd bet on MeeGo.

The famous leaked Nokia N9 pictures of last year. Looks familiar doesn't it ?

Back to the present and the similarities between both are uncanny.

Via Pocket Now

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