YTube - Moddied version of cuteTube - python

May 13, 2011


New on the scene, Yes we do now have a scene is "YTube" (Why do I feel like shoting, Why not ???). This is a Modified and it is stressed HEAVILY MODIFIED version of cuteTube which is originally developed by Marxian. This version mainly contains a new UI. App is now available in extras-testing for those who want to use it (Install).

Hightlight additional functions:

  • Instant startup screen after initial launch
  • SearchOrder Menu bar
  • Time Menu bar
  • All standard feeds are available in app menu such as (Trending, Featured, Discuss...etc...)
  • Eliminate blackscreen when switching feed
  • Search function is available in all screen by typing search term on querty keyboard.
  • VideoPlayer is always launched in landscape mode.
  • VideoPlayer toolbar are auto retracted after few sec.
  • Centralize video list screen to eliminate additional open window.
  • Alternate video item list background color


via Talk Maemo

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