Nokia Blogbite: let’s talk Nokia N9 (Sssshhhhh only positives)

Jun 25, 2011

Blogbite is apparently (first time I've come across this) a PodCast about some of the stuff on Nokia's Conversations website. After having a little listen, what struck me is that they really have seemed to have had a car crash between recording and Uploading / Publishing this Podcast that was all about the Nokia N9.


Ray Haddow from the Nokia PR team (a nice guy) talked about some of the headlines that were in the technology blog sites. Lots of positives and warm fuzzy feelings were spoken that he was rightfully proud to shout out but that was earlier in the week. Quoting Engadget 'What we can say from our first experience is that we're in the presence of a fantastically designed device with a gorgeous AMOLED screen', but now people are realising that something is not adding up with Nokia trying their best to bury this device and the blogging headlines about the Nokia N9 have certainly changed now. Now Engadget are saying 'Dear Nokia, you cannot be serious!'

At one point they started talking about the White Elephant in the room and I thought 'oh great, they will talk about the end of the Nokia N9' and they started talking about Windows Phone, WINDOWS PHONE, thats an elephant in the room ? WT.. Looking at the post, Straight off the bat the Comments section got hit hard with people talking about 'Elop killing MeeGo' etc.

Dear Nokia. Remember, in the world of PR, Timing is everything.

Source Blogbite

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