First Round of Developers accepted for Nokia Community device program - N950

Jun 29, 2011


Looks like the first round of Developers have been accepted for the Nokia Community device program for Nokia N950s. The N950 is a platform available for developers targeting the Nokia N9 / MeeGo / Qt applications. So far 137 devices have been allocated according to this list with more coming soon until the allocated amount of 250 units is gone.

Devices are allocated according to the rating system below:

What we are doing is rating each proposal from 0 to 3.

- 3 are clear candidates and I'm hoping to send them a notifications with further steps as soon as we have gone through all the candidates.

- 2 are good candidates, but first we want to see how many devices are distributed among the 3s, see how many are left and then look at them again.

- 1 are candidates in the fringe e.g. with interesting proposals but more into research, low level hacking, porting other OSs/distros and, ion general, stuff that won't fit in or is not primarily addressed to regular N9 users. We don't want to rule out these but it will really depend on the amount of devices available.

- 0 are the candidates with proposals totally out of scope or other non-qualifying criteria. We plan to draft a message with a generic reasoning in the device wiki page. If a candidate feels like those criteria have been applied wrongly to his/her proposal then he/she will have a chance to appeal. For instance, some apps proposed look like proprietary but we don't really have the time to check each one in detail. If it happens to be OSS then we might reconsider. This message will be sent also soon,. so people have time to claim.

Good Luck to everyone that has applied to the program and I would love to hear from all the lucky winners 😉

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