DTMF generator address book plugin

Jun 27, 2011


Created by Maemo.Org member Birefringence, This program addresses the issue of dialling DTMF tones from the address book.

If you ever wanted to dial a number from your address book over a landline without having to type in the number, here is the solution: I have created

a) a command line program that outputs DTMF tones over the speaker

b) an address book plugin that executes the above mentioned program from the options menu of a selected contact.

The program is available from extras-devel. If you choose the package "abook-dtmf" containing the plugin, the other package "dtmf" containing the command line program should be selected automatically.

After installation it might be necessary to kill the "osso-addressbook" process once for the plugin to be loaded.

For numbers containing a "+" it is possible to adjust the international call prefix to your local choice from an options screen.

It is in a rather early state of development.

Source TMO

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