Elop rules out possible comeback of Nokia to MeeGo - Nokia N9

Jun 25, 2011


What a week. The Nokia N9 comes out and gets accepted by Media and Consumers alike. Fast forward a mere two days and Nokia CEO Stephen Elop tells Finnish newspaper HELSINGIN SANOMAT that

... there is no returning to MeeGo, even if the N9 turns out to be a hit.

This particular bit of news did get publicized a few days ago but people are still finding it hard to swallow, So here is the news in Black and White.

It doesn't make sense for Nokia to abandon something that could potentially work, but that is my view. Nokia will now forge ahead with Windows Phone and possibly a new Qt5 compliant Operating System. This is not a time for us to bad mouth Nokia for what they are doing. They have made a mistake and now are in a hole that they can't get out of. What is clear is the potential of MeeGo devices and thats what should drive us forward.


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