Formally Launching the MeeGo Community Device Program

Jun 22, 2011



What is the Community Device Program ?

It is a way for community members to get devices that they can utilise for Meego Project work. To qualify you need to "show commitment to do something cool with the device". Visit the wiki for more details on the selection process and requirements.

There is also a need for device champions, these are community members that can act as a focal point for devices.

... researching, blogging, presenting, forum posting, leading discussions on email lists, and any similar highly visible activity in the community space. Platform or device champions need not be a subject matter expert but should always be willing to help find one. Champions can cover entire platform(s) or specific device(s). Note that a Champion may or not be a Recipient.

Take a look, sign up and get involved 🙂 

p.s. Picture is from a MeeGoExperts MeetUp .... I couldn't resist posting it 😉

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