Ixonos adds Qualcomm chipset to its technology base - MeeGo Devices in the Pipeline

Jun 15, 2011



Ixonos have announced that they have licensed Qualcomm’s chipset technology to be utilised in their future devices:

“We have chosen Qualcomm’s chipsets as one of the key platforms for developing smartphones and other next-generation connected devices because of their maturity and strong Android integration”, says Ixonos Group’s President and CEO, Kari Happonen. “We also continue to deliver devices based on other chipsets from leading vendors such as Intel, Texas Instruments and ST-Ericsson, based on the preferences of our corporate clients”, Happonen continues.

This is the part of the announcement that is of importance to us:

Ixonos expects the first devices designed on Qualcomm’s chips to ship during the first half of 2012. As support for every major operating system comes standard on Qualcomm’s chipsets, Ixonos plans to utilize them also on devices based on MeeGo and other open source OSs in the future.

Slowly, MeeGo is gaining strength ....
Source [Ixonos]

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