MeeGoExperts Birmingham UK Meetup - June 23rd

Jun 13, 2011


Time to get together for another MeeGoExperts Birmingham UK MeeGo meetup (what a mouth full). The MeetUp is a chance for people of all walks of life and business to learn about the Operating System, Development and Opportunities in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

[Updated] The Agenda for the Event is still being firmed up but the mouth watering rough draft is:

    The MeeGoWay
  • Current State of MeeGo
  • Meego Devices
  • ... and the way ahead

    MeeGo Applications
  • Develop and test applications with MeeGo SDK
  • Tune and optimise applications
  • Package and submit your application on Intel Applications store (AppUp)

    MeeGo In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI)
  • General Introduction to MeeGo IVI
  • IVI community and resources

    An introduction to Augmented Reality on MeeGo
  • What is AR ? location based services and image recognition
  • Augumented Reality Applied in practice on MeeGo as well

MeeGo OS 1.2 has been released taking developer usability and interaction to another level, further releasing the potential of the MeeGo Kernel. Drag along anything that you might also have been working on with regards to MeeGo / Maemo / QML / Qt etc as we would love to see what else everyone else has been upto.

Event Details

Date: 23rd June 2011
Location: Bar Risa booked in the chill room - Bar Risa,Quay Side Tower,259-263 Broad Street,Birmingham, B1 2HF Link
Start time: 18:30

Please add yourself to the page and also if your a Twitter-holic like me, you can add yourself to the LanYrd Page

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