Nokia Booklet 3G running MeeGo

Jun 11, 2011

Below is the story of MeeGo making its way onto the Nokia Booklet 3G as told by the developer Vgrade:

A couple of weeks ago I had a request from anab1s on IRC (#meego on freenode) asking if anyone had tried meeGo on Nokia Booklet 3g.  lcuk pointed him in my direction as I'd done some work on the EMGD drivers to get a build working some time ago for my O2 Joggler before they were packaged for meeGo.

Now a days the EMGD drivers are now part of meeGo IVI images so I suggested anab1s tried the image here . This is an IVI (automotive) image as this is the only vertical to support the EMGD drivers at the moment.

This booted to the ivi UX as below:

Anab1s really wanted a netbook image so I produced a kickstart file for him which was based on the netbook kickstart but included the automotive kernel and EMGD drivers required by the Booklet.  Once we had the correct xorg.conf loaded the netbook image ran fully accelerated.  see video below:

This shows how far the GMA500 graphics support has come over the last 6 months and much thanks should go to Intel for this (other vendors please take note). This method can also be used to bring MeeGo up on other GMA500 based netbooks.

The image and kickstart file are available at the community repository here. Thanks to dm8tbr at openaos as always for this important non meeGo funded /supported resource. I can also be contacted on freenode IRC on #meego or #meego-arm.

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