Nokia N9 has a FM Transmitter / Receiver, Only needs the Software

Jun 23, 2011

So the Nokia N9 is the new brother of the Nokia N900 right ? and according to the spec sheets it doesn't have a FM Transmitter / Receiver ? This being one of the best loved features of the Nokia N900 (amongst a million other things). So I was surprised not to see it there.

Well don't worry my little loveilies, just like the Nokia N9 has the required HARDWARE but just needs software to take advantage of this fact. The Nokia N900 has a simliar problem at launch that it did not have FM receiving software but then that was developed in due course.

Heres a Pic of Nokia's Quim Gil mentioning this point on MeeGo Forums:

Someone asked about FM radio. Hartti already answered but let me confirm that from a pure hardware description point of view there is both FM RX and TX inside. As far as I know nobody has tried to reach them, so I don't know how that road would be from an R&D experimentation point of view.

So ... Anyone want to make the Software ?

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