Nokia N9 Moscow Launch - From Russia with love

Jun 30, 2011



The Nokia N9 has now truly been spread globally with its launch in Moscow. This was a televised event reaching a potential 70 million Russians. Nokias Peter Schneider who works on Nokia Smartphone product marketing. It is a pity he didn't make the MeeGo Conference in San Francisco this year but its good to see him doing the rounds now 🙂

Heres the video of the event. Errrr, would be interested to know what they are saying, its in Russian

[Update] Thanks to Vasiliy we've now got a Russian translation of whats going on.

Hi Guys, here is the summary of the spot.

The spot is a mix of video interview with Peter Schneider filmed at Nokia N9 launch event in Moscow and first look impressions of the reporter after the Nokia N9 hands-on at Nokia office.
“Highly anticipated MeeGo based device was finally unveiled by Nokia and got the Nokia N9 name, – reporter begins the spot about the novelty. – It has brand new OS, unique user interface and original design”.
Reporter tells about all device features and peculiarities: polycarbonate uni-body, specially shaped display, absence on physical buttons, etc. He explains in details how the interface of the N9 works.
“Developing Nokia N9 we understood a lot of things related to user experience and features of OS, we created a lot of new things that will be used in future. A lot of Nokia N9 features will be used on our next products,” – says Peter Schneider in the interview.
Nokia N9 event that took place in Moscow in the day of global announcement underlined the role of Russian market for this device.

Is your russian good ? Did they sound good ?

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