Nokia N9 - User Interface Hands on Demo - MeeGo - Video

Jun 21, 2011



Nokia Marketing Manager Jussi Mäkinen talks us through the user interface of the Nokia N9, something that he describes as "smooth as velvet".

I love the way the slow wipe gently brings in the hidden view (or next screen). Another screen that has to be noted is the multitasking view and anyone familiar with the Nokia N900 will recognise the POWER of true multitaking (Yes you heard me iPhone !!!) with recent applications appearing in the top left position.

What is noticeable is the absence of Homescreen Widgets. I like Widgets and I saw it as something that further differentated products from the dreaded iPhone. I'm Sorry to lose them in this product.

[Update] Another Video for the Nokia N9 showing its design story has sprung up. They are coming fast and furious at the moment.

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