Nokia N9 Web Browser does not support Flash - Eh ?

Jun 29, 2011


Nokia Conversations have been discussing today the pros and pros and pros of the Nokia N9 browser and there seems to plenty to look at such as:

The device allows for pinch-to-zoom and double-tap to focus on a particular column of text (useful for blog and news sites). It also supports text enlargement, which increases the point size of the text without increasing the size of other elements on the page.

For the more technically inclined, here’s how it performs on the HTML5 test page: it garners a whopping 283 points plus 14 bonus points. It should be noted that this score outperforms a large number of current desktop browsers, let alone anything you’ll find on a current mobile phone. In particular, it supports HTML5 video and CSS 3D. It also supports the mobile components of the HTML5 specification, allowing for the use of web apps that depend on device motion, orientation and location awareness, for example.

... but what is of interest is the following confession:

the browser supports a number of additional technologies:
- CSS 3
- DOM Level 3
- HTML over TCP/IP
- Javascript 1.8
- Webkit 2 based
Flash support is not included, but already many major web sites deliver video content through HTML5 technology, so for example, the YouTube app on the phone is a web application leveraging the browser.

NO FLASH. I'm amazed that this bit has not been picked up before. Now lets not get into the For or Against debate as god knows I havent got the strength for that but one of the major strengths of the Nokia N900 is its ability to churn through Flash based web media like nothing before it and this something that I would of thought the Nokia N9 would of naturally inherited.

I know a few developers that won't be too impressed with this move.

Source Nokia Conversations


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