Nokia's ‘New market disrupting device’ coming June 21 ??? - MeeGo

Jun 15, 2011



Can this be it ? Can the wait really be over ? It looks like Nokia are ready to unveil their "distruptive new device" according to the website ITWire who have received an invitation enticing just that . So it seems that there will be some sort of announcement but it has not been categorically confirmed as MeeGo but saying that what could a "disruptive new device" mean, Windows Phone ? DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH ! (or cry for that matter).

It is also thought that there maybe more on offer according to the agenda on the Nokia Connect website:

Mary McDowell will cover Nokia’s strategy around Mobile Phones, including the global launch of brand new mobile devices and related services.

So roll on the 21st and let there be light !!!!

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