Nook Color gets Hacked again - Now its MeeGo

Jun 2, 2011


Nook Color from Barnes and Noble is a device that began its life as a eBook reader that boasts:

Stunning 7-inch color touchscreen
Enhanced books, magazines, newspapers & interactive kids books bringing
2 million titles at your fingertips.


That is how it started life and then soon after Android developers realised that it was a very hackable device to port Android on. Now the guys at Nomovok ported the software stack onto the device taking about 1 weeks of a developers time. The biggest issue to overcome was the touchscreen panel controller which they needed to hack the driver to overcome. Most of the rest of the time was taken making x-window run adequately well. At present it has working WiFi, TouchScreen and Hardware Button controls. Still to resolve are BlueTooth and the Gravity Sensor.
Check out the Video:


They regard the Nook Color as a good target as it is a hackable tablet as Barnes & Noble have released the source for this device which crucially included the Bootloader, Kernel and Android stack. The other big winner is that it is a very cheap device considering the quality of hardware:

  • OMAP3621 SoC @ 800MHz
    • PowerVR SGX 530
    • Differs from the 3630 by having the camera support logic disabled
  • 512MB RAM
  • 8GB internal storage
  • microSDHC slot
  • 7" IPS panel
  • Power, Volume+, Volume-, and stylized "N" home button
  • Headphone jack

Hardware believed to be present, but not active

  • USB OTG support
  • Bluetooth (some parts may not be wired out)



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