Punk This - Hardware that is screaming for MeeGo

Jun 14, 2011



The guys at Cupp Computing presented some Innovation at Computex. Yes, Real innovation. Their product is called "Punk This" and is a system board that plugs into a spare Hard Disk Drive (HDD) slot onto your motherboard of your Laptop / Netbook. This then enables you to run an entirely different Operating System on the newly slotted daughter board that can be switched by use of a Hot-Key.

There was a Netbook at hand running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and also Windows 7 on the existing Atom based hardware. There are two microSD card slots onboard, one for the Operating System of Choice which in this case is Android but I'm sure we can get MeeGo on it 😉 and the other one for shared storage between both sets of Hardware. Battery power is supposedly doubled when utilising only the Daughter board on its own which I would love to see.

Here is a video of Jkk from JkkMobile with the "Punk This" board:


  • TI DM3730 1.0Ghz A8 processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Micro SD System Memory
  • Mini PCIe SSD for PC C: Drive
  • Micro SD for Shared Drive
  • Wifi
  • USB ToGo
  • USB Host
  • Keyboard Controller (User Reprogrammable Keyboard Controller)
  • Audio I/O

OS Development

    • Ubuntu
    • Android 2.3 (to be updated as new releases become available)

Open Platform

Release date is scheduled for July 2011, So hopefully we will get more hands on and porting time to MeeGo.

Press Release

CUPP Computing has developed a 2.5” module for x-86 PCs. Codenamed “PunkThis” for PC, it is based on CUPP’s patented technology and “Multi-mode computing” vision.  The device enables a user to combine a high performance PC processor (x86/IA) and a low power processor (RISC/ARM) into a single platform. This allows the user to choose between low power/extended battery life and high performance/ normal battery life, enhancing their PCs functionality.

PunkThis enables more practical computing with greater battery life and a more versatile set of use cases. It allows low power applications and flexibility, with seamless access to PC processing power as needed. This module will provide over 20 hour computing in a standard netbook or 40 hours with a low power screen. (PixelQi)

The PunkThis module fits in a standard 2.5” drive bay and contains both and Mini PCIe SSD HD and an ARM processor. The ARM Processor is a TI OMAP DM3730 at 1GHz with 512MB of RAM. It is designed to be an unlocked system to allow users to modify the OS and functionality. Two USB connections (Host & USB OTG) allow uses flexibility to access and share data.

The PunkThis board will have wiring kits that allow solder-less in installation into a number of PC platforms. The Asus 1015PN is the first target for these packages. (Additional platforms will follow.)

The PunkThis desktop enclosure will give users and developers a compact desktop Computer that can be used in a number of roles. As a stand-alone computer it can be used as media center, terminal, or connected device. When used in conjunction with a desktop PunkThis provides an ideal instant on, low power system to check mail and surf the web. Developers gain the ability to target the ARM v7 code base on physical hardware while retaining the functionality of a desktop environment.

PunkThis is an open unlocked device allowing users and developers to use their imagination to find new use cases and functions for this board. This gives manufacturers and consumers the ability to easily adapt existing PC’s for greater power efficiency and flexibility. Delivering functionality previously impossible in a Personal Computer.


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