‘Qt Ambassadors’ getting Nokia N950 invitations

Jun 28, 2011

Seems like being Qt Ambassadors are receiving invites to have a shiny new Nokia N950 thrust into their eager developing Hands. Adequately qualified Ambassadors are receiving a form in their Inbox that they are required to fill in and return. Those lucky enough to be chosen to get one will get notified by the 6th July. Qt Ambassadors will then help kick start Qt Applications that will be compatible with the newly announced Nokia N9 and also Nokias long term Qt strategy.

The Qt Ambassador Program is a free membership-only program that honors Qt development projects. Qt Ambassadors are distinguished Qt performers who we offer benefits that honor loyalty and expose the world to the developers' expertise and project.

The Qt Ambassador is a recognition program that complements our Nokia Certified Qt Developer program. We encourage all Nokia Certified Qt Developers to apply to be Qt Ambassadors and further extend their distinction in the Qt and overall developer community.

You lucky little things 😉 Further information about the Qt Ambassadorprogram can be found Here .

For all the information head on over to the Thread. Thanks to Tom Swindell for the tip 😉

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