BBC Breakfast News has Nokia N9/N950 MeeGo Harmattan Phone as "News of the World Phone Hacking story" image !

Jul 8, 2011



For many the Nokia N900 can be thought of as a hacking phone due to its Linux Operating System, with full system access (root) and the Terminal application. Now it seems that the media might have subconsciously acknowledged the next successor to the throne.


One of the stories on BBC News was about the News Of The World newspaper hacking into peoples mobile phones and it seems that the black silhouette is in fact a "MeeGo Phone" as can be seen from the icons from the picture below:


Tipped by MadridKing he adds:

“Its cool to see that someone in the graphics department either appreciated the phone aesthetics to use it or they were just too lazy to check if it was an iPhone. LOL”

Source MyNokiaBlog

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