Callerx 1.0 Series - Nokia N900 - Maemo

Jul 27, 2011

This is a call blocker written in Qt. Supports whitelist mode and time-based lists.

Full Description

Callerx is a simple calls blocker app daemon for N900, it blocks calls based on a simple whitelist.txt or blacklist.txt file in MyDocs folder. This app is auto-start after installed, auto-start upon boot, auto-detect and reload if any changes made to to the list. It allows range block by entering first partial block of phone number in list Lists format are using each phone number per line without any other characters or spaces except prefix "+" if you see it on your screen (just digits and "+" with no spaces in between or in front) To block unknown number just enter "unknown" without quote To switch to whitelist mode which allow block all callers except those listed in whitelist.txt, use command "/etc/init.d/callerx loadwhitelist".

Usage command:

"/etc/init.d/callerx loadblacklist"
"/etc/init.d/callerx loadwhitelist"
"/etc/init.d/callerx start"
"/etc/init.d/callerx stop"

Usage Note: This a daemon app running in background and currently there is no user interface to keep it small and simple. It will auto-start after installed, and default to blacklist block mode, a new file name blacklist.txt will be also created in MyDocs folder where you can start enter the phone number you want to block. If you want to switch to whitelist mode, just create a new whitelist.txt file in MyDocs folder and run comand "/etc/init.d/callerx loadwhitelist" in xterm. The configuration file is located /home/user/.config/callerx folder, you can change the default whitelist.txt or blacklist.txt location to different folder by edit the config file if you want.

Callerx 0.1.3 * Added a Call Block button to powerkey menu, which is an option rejecting call and add that number to the blacklist when phone is ringing ( button is only visible while call is ative ).


How to build

Easy (pkg) : fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage
Alternate (bin only): cmake . && make

Source Talk Maemo.Org

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