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Jul 31, 2011


Ever thought of being brave and programming your own Jabberbot ? Me neither, but read on and possibly we can all get inspired:

Programming your own Jabber bot can be fun and helpful. This is python-jabberbot, a Jabber bot framework for Python that enables you to easily write simple Jabber bots. You can use your Jabber bots to provide information about your running systems, to make your website interact with your visitors or notify you about updates or changes you monitor with your Python scripts.

This Jabber bot is partly inspired by the xmpppy example, but designed to be re-usable and to make it easy to write small Jabber bots that do one thing and do it well.

License: GNU General Public License, Version 3 or later (GPLv3)



Debian Package

Thanks to Carl Chenet, python-jabberbot is now available as a Debian package for easy installation on Debian and derived systems:


Development repository (Git)

You can get the latest and greatest code via Git:

git clone git://


  1. Import the class: from jabberbot import JabberBot, botcmd
  2. Subclass the JabberBot class
  3. Add methods and decorate them with "@botcmd". The signature of the methods should look like this: def somecommand(self, mess, args) - the methods should return the message sent back to the user as string (or None if the command gives no reply)
  4. Create an instance of your bot, supplying username and password
  5. Call the serve_forever() method of your instance
  6. You can call the send() method on your bot to send messages to specific users

Example code

from jabberbot import JabberBot, botcmd
import datetime

class SystemInfoJabberBot(JabberBot):
    def serverinfo( self, mess, args):
        """Displays information about the server"""
        version = open('/proc/version').read().strip()
        loadavg = open('/proc/loadavg').read().strip()

        return '%snn%s' % ( version, loadavg, )

    def time( self, mess, args):
        """Displays current server time"""
        return str(

    def rot13( self, mess, args):
        """Returns passed arguments rot13'ed"""
        return args.encode('rot13')

    def whoami(self, mess, args):
        """Tells you your username"""
        return mess.getFrom().getStripped()

username = '[email protected]'
password = 'my-password'
bot = SystemInfoJabberBot(username,password)

For ChangeLog, Further information, Links and Examples please go to the original site here

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