Latitude Assist Now "Free" - Nokia N900 Maemo

Jul 31, 2011


What can it do ?

  • Keep track of the most important people in your life, Latitude Assist for helps you and your family to be located by SOS, out of secured zone area or over speed.
  • Includes SOS tool that allow you to set up to 3 SOS Mobile numbers are used to request
    help or emergncy.
  • With Lite Web Solution supports you Completely Free.
  • Useful mobile application to help you/children deal with many everyday
    inconveniences or nuisances.

Application's main agenda is to be of assistance to anyone who may be in an emergency situation. The application is to be used as an SOS tool with up to 3 pre-configured mobile numbers. With this application you can access different types of functionality including: setting the secured area for alerts, speedy automatic alerts, out of range geo-fence (secured area) automatic alerts and find your location including address and map. Free support, maps and tools at

Download available from Ovi Store. Please note that this Application is currently available for the Nokia N900 (Maemo) but a MeeGo version is in development. Application Home Page has a PDF manual and loads of information.

Source MWKN Twitter

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