Do you have Linux memorabilia to donate to the LinuxCon gallery?

Jul 11, 2011



The Linux Foundation are putting together a historical 'walk down memory lane' gallery to celebrate Linux’s last 20 years for LinuxCon in Vancouver. So far they have collected:

.... the original books Linus used to learn programming, a video booth where you can leave your story of Linux, pictures and videos from the history of Linux, a timeline of major Linux accomplishments, CDs and boxes of early Linux distributions, computers used to do early hacking, memorabilia from IBM’s Peace/Love/Linux campaign and much more.

If you have anything for the collection, please email Amanda (at) linux foundation dot org.

This could be Tshirts from the past, signage, etc. Not only will you have the satisfaction and adding to this great collection and celebration of Linux, but I can also give anyone who donates a free pass to LinuxCon and the 20th anniversary formal gala. Both should be wonderful events not to be missed. Please be a part of them and help us build a great gallery!

Source Linux Foundation Blog

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