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Jul 20, 2011



So your a Developer, live in Finland and No idea where to get a test device from for your Killer App ? Read on .....

So your a Developer, live in Finland and No idea where to get a test device from for your Killer App ? Read on ..... Need a device to test your next generation killer app? Do you prefer Open Source style of development? Do you need contributors? If you answer yes to all of those questions, Local Device Program is for you. Why?

More and more often developers (working on different platforms such as MeeGo, Android, WebOS, iOS) are desperately crying out for devices for software and hardware development and testing. The MeeGo project has global device program described in

LDP extends that program by adding another way for developers to get their hands on devices. In other words, intention is not to replace MeeGo project global efforts, but create a device program with lightweight bureaucracy which operates only locally. We don't ship devices. More about both programs, community device program and LDP, can be found from here.

Such programs (meego community device program and LDP) will become more and more important in the near future, when (hopefully) multiple vendors push MeeGo devices into markets.

In brief, LDP is intended to create activity around projects, which involves devices. Hacking without devices is like hmmm….making pizza without dough, messy and fun but without meaningful results.

Additional information:

How to get a device

Note! When your application is accepted, contact LDP managers to arrange device pick up!

To get your hands on a device listed above, you need to do a few steps:

  1. Start one or several Open source projects! (add your project in our portal)
  2. Fill in device request form (only registered users! Register here)
  3. Do your testing and remember to report back to us. Distributing experiences and learned skills is required. You can write blog entries in our portal.

You can loan a device for rather long periods (1 week -3 months). If you loan a device for several months and find out that you don't really need it after a while, please return the device back to storage location. To return a device, contact LDP manager(s).

Accepted device applications are listed here

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