Markets Today for Harmattan (N9/N950) - Stock quotes tracking application - MeeGo Harmattan

Jul 26, 2011

Its good to see a variety of different Apps being developed for MeeGo Harmattan. This is a Stock Quote tracking application for MeeGo Harmattan Nokia N9 / N950.

Markets Today is an app to monitor financial markets. You can update the stock quotes manually or setup auto-update to refresh quotes every few minutes.

Latest release for Harmattan (N9/N950) can be downloaded from here. Look for the latest *maemo6_armel.deb file.

Data source is Yahoo! finance. Any indexes/stock tickers supported by yahoo are supported in this app. However, this is not a real-time quote-streaming application or a portfolio-tracking application. Assume at least 20 min delay for the quotes.

This project is hosted on maemo garage. License is GPL. Check the source or file bugs from garage.

Feedback welcome. There is an ongoing thread at TMO as well.






Source MeeGo

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