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Jul 14, 2011



FYI, According to a Mailing list email, There will be some maintenance performed on the servers on Sat 16th July 16:00 UTC - 20:00 UTC and Sun 17th July 16:00 UTC - 20:00 UTC. So, just keep that in mind 🙂

The MeeGo IT team is planning a maintenance window for the * websites and mailing lists this weekend. The expected maintenance window is Sat 16th July 16:00 UTC - 20:00 UTC and Sun 17th July 16:00 UTC - 20:00 UTC. The websites will not be down the whole time, but could experience some intermittent downtime. Affected websites include:,,,,

The changes planned are:

1. Introduce Bakery SSO integration for Drupal websites. [1]
* Bakery will improve the single sign on (SSO) for all Drupal websites we host and is preparatory for SSO on the other web services (Bugzilla, mediawiki, ...).

2. Migrate all the mailing lists we have from the current hosting site to the OSU infrastructure.
* There won't be any noticeable downtime except for the web interface of mailman. While migrating it could be unavailable for some minutes for each list.
* There won't be any mail lost just some delay due to the move and redirection of mails.
* While we are moving the subscription/unsubscription from mailing lists will be not work.
* Exact details available below. [2]

IT team

Source Mailing List

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