MeeGo IVI on ExoPC

Jul 23, 2011


What a thing of Beauty I tell you ? but then again you knew that.

Here we have the ExoPC Tablet (which lucky developers have been getting their hands on at various MeeGo AppLabs). This is a versatile little beast that has had Meego Tablet Alpha, Ubuntu, Windows 7, WeTab and now MeeGo IVI Image on it.

Do you fancy having a go? Creating the image for yourself that is ? Of course you do and lucky for us Vgrade has uploaded the instructions to

I think you might need a few more images to make you want to make the jump so here they are:



The Traditional Approach

The installation can conveniently be bootstrapped by using a chroot method like that previously employed by N900 and Pandaboard MeeGo-porting efforts. The basic idea is to install two images, one a stable, software-complete image like Tablet UX 1.2 for Atom, and the image to be adapted to the hardware, like IVI UX 1.2. The developer boots the stable image into a text console, then uses chroot to switch to the second image's userland. Subsequently the applications of the second image can be invoked using its own libraries and settings, but on top of the first image's kernel and virtual filesystems.

For Vgrades Instructions please follow the link to

Thanks to Vgrade for all the hard work 🙂

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