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Jul 29, 2011



Simple app to securely store data like passwords. MeePasswords is a simple tool to securely store short snippets of sensible or confidential data such as passwords and the like. It is optimized for the use on a touch screen device and provides a simple and intuitive user interface. Please not that MeePasswords depends on the experimental Qt version. Hence, the download size may be quite large. This is due to a bug which happens with the older Qt versions and is resolved in the experimental ones.


MeePasswords is a simple tool to securely store short snippets of sensible or confidential data such as passwords and the like.
Currently MeePasswords is primarily targeted at MeeGo Harmattan. Ports to Fremantle and possible other systems supported by Qt are considered.
If you like to get an idea of how it works and what security measures are taken please have a look at the Under the Hood section.

Supported Operating Systems

Currently, only MeeGo Harmattan is supported. Though, ports to Fremantle and possibly other systems are planned.

Pictures and descriptions

Login Screen: On the first login you set the password. Later on you can only login with that password. Keep the password safe.


After the first login the storage is empty. Adding new entries is easy. Simply use the "+" button in the toolbar. Use the button showing the pen symbol to edit existing entries.


New entries are added via a "form". The entry name is mandatory. You must fill the name field to be able to click "OK" and store the entry.


Enter any data you like. All fields except the entry name are optional.


After confirming the data (click "OK" in the form) the new entry is shown in the list. Note that the data is written to the storage immediately.


To view the content of an entry either double click the entry in the list or perform a "hold and press" on it.


Multiple entries are ordered alphabetically, first by category then by name.


More functionality like deleting entries or changing the storage password is available via the menu.


Sourec MeePasswords

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