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Jul 31, 2011



Tommi Laukkanen had a dilemma . He needed a Task ToDo Manager that he could run on his "New" Nokia N950 but the Application didn't exist. Well, Like any good developer he started making his own called MeeToDo.

I like to get things done. Sometimes there are just too many things in your “inbox” so you’ll better write them down. If you follow something like Getting Things Done (GTD) method your to-do tool should support categories or hierarchies.

I’ve written few GTD apps before like Mobile Task Manager (Java ME) and TaskFlow(Widget) and now that I received my lovely Nokia N950 I had to make an app for that too and obvious technology was Qt Quick as that also gets things done 🙂

So, here is the first alpha version of the to-do / GTD app called MeeToDo. It currently has minimal set of features: Lists and tasks. User can add new tasks pretty fast and can mark them done with a single tap. There is also a “purge” features which I find handy e.g. doing grocery shopping.


Download binaries from Nokia Developer Project site, here:


Source Substanceofcode

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