Nokia N950 hits eBay - Stated with 2 years Manufacturer Warranty - MeeGo

Jul 3, 2011

Nokia N950 hits eBay - Stated with 2 years Manufacturer Warranty - MeeGo-560

Usually we see some rough pre-production phones hit eBay every so often but what is really quite amazing in this instance is what can be seen from one eBayer on eBay UK. Hes got the unreleased Nokia N950 stated as NEW plus its Unlocked to all networks and it has 2 years Manufacturer Warranty and get this, he's already SOLD 19 !!! This device is the one that the Maemo Community was waiting for once upon a time as a successor to the Nokia N900.

This is really confusing as according to Nokia this device is ONLY for developers now, will not have warranty and will not be sold to the public in any imaginable way. The listing has quite a bit of information but it has a "Stated" guaranteed delivery date of 29th August. With so many developers being refused a device from the Community Device Program it seems to make a mockery of it all by seeing this many on eBay. Apparently the Community Device Program only had 250 to dish out in the first place. Maybe they should have a word with this guy ?

Confused. Yeah, So am I, I hope someone from Nokia can expand on this ...

Source eBay UK

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