Nokia spending $127M marketing Windows Phone, Not MeeGo

Jul 13, 2011


Latest news is that Nokia will be spending the tidy sum of $127M (or £80M) on Marketing to help spring board Windows Phone. The launch is said to be in October which would coincide with Nokia World in London and will run for 6 Months. The amount of money devoted to MeeGo is not known but is thought to be negligible in comparison according to Nokia insiders.

What could Nokia have done with this amount of money and MeeGo ? Unfortunately we will never know.

Nokia has placed all bets firmly on MicroSoft for their SmartPhone platform and it is still unclear what USP this marriage of two failing companies in the SmartPhone sector will bring. I recall one of my conversations will a Nokia employee in which he stated that it took him almost 30 days to appreciate some of the nice features of Windows Phone, which blew my mind. If a product hasn't got some of my interest / attention in the first 30 seconds then its not for me.

It will be interesting times ahead as we see Nokia Window Phones emerge and also some true Meego handsets to challenge and hopefully slaughter them.

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