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Jul 25, 2011

A Homescreen Media Widget is thought of as a Homescreen basic these days. Nokia was been doing them as a standard integration in Symbian devices for ... well ... ages now. Read on to see what Packet Media Widget can do:

Packed Media Widget is an homescreen widget to control Multimedia player, SomePlayer and InternetRadioPlayer, all at once.

It's made of 8buttons, in a 2x4 grid. The ones on the right are the control ones, and the ones on the left, hidden, are used to change the player to affect or to start it.

Starting from the bottom, the context buttons are: Multimedia, SomePlayer, InternetRadioPlayer and "start".
To use the widget, first a context button must be pressed since at widget startup there is no context chosen.
"Start" button behaves differently based on the chosen context:

For Multimedia, it "plays" the song. It's a play, not a resume, so the song will be restarted.
For Someplayer, it checks if the player is running, and it does it in case it's not.
For InternetRadioPlayer, it starts the player if not running, or it shows it if hidden.

Widget is highly customizabled, from sizes to colours.

Application can be found in Extras-devel Packed Media Widget.

Source Maemo.Org

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