Power Management Interview with Vipul Chopra - MeeGo Tablets

Jul 23, 2011

A few days ago we featured an interesting article by Intels Bob Duffy about Power management and background app designation for MeeGo apps and now here is a video of him chatting to Vipul Chopra again about Power Management.


The Intel AppUpSM show for developers “Show 5”: in this segment of SkypeUp, Host Bob Duffy interviews Vipul Chopra. The two discuss Power Management where Vipul provides a good summary on the power classification guidelines for MeeGo tablet applications, including the ability to set apps as background apps when submitting to Intel AppUp. And in TweetCap, Rhonda Peters looks at the buzz regarding the new Acer tablet, as well as a post discussing interesting app projection for 2015.

.... I've never Actually met Rhonda Peters. I need to sort that out soon, So lets add her to my Stalk list, hehe 🙂

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