Qt Creator 2.3 beta released

Jul 14, 2011


This release has lots of new features as well as a great amount of bug fixes.

  • Example and tutorial browsing with descriptive texts, and filtering for examples matching a keyword
  • Enhanced C++ coding style options, with indent settings and alignment settings split up for the different use cases depending on element, including preview and separation between global and project specific settings
  • Support for deployment and running to a more general “remote Linux” – just add your remote deploy and run configuration to your desktop target and define remote Linux “device” settings (you have to set up your cross-compiler on your own though)
  • Support for compiling projects with the Clang compiler
  • Code completion is now populated in a separate thread, no editor blocking any more
  • Profiling now has it’s own “Analyze” mode. Added two more profiling options:
  • Symbian got CODA support, allowing for deployment via WiFi
  • Various Qt Quick support enhancements besides the QML profiling:
    • Support for models and delegates in the Qt Quick Designer – fully populated ListViews, GridViews and PathViews are now available from the item library
    • Support for editing inline components and delegates
    • Improved Live Preview (a.k.a. modifying QML while the app is running in the debugger)
    • Added ‘Find usages’ functionality for QML types

More complete change log, or bug tracker (‘fix version’ 2.3.0), or our code repository directly.


Source Qt Labs

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