Space Invaders on the Nokia N950 - MeeGo Harmattan

Jul 31, 2011



This is a port of a maemo/symbian game Space Invaders to MeeGo Harmatten. Quick Video showing it running on the Nokia N950 🙂


Acceleromter Controls
Settings Panel
Hi Score Panel
Sound Effects


After the April Calligra sprint in Berlin, where one of the topics discussed was QML, I decided to write a simple game as an educational task to learn about the technology. What started as simple experiment taking 2 evenings to get the basics working, turned into a small project that was quite popular on the Maemo forums, and me entering it in the Meego Coding Competitiong 2011. The game is based on (but not intended to be a 100% copy of) space invaders. The ship is controller by the acceleromter or arrow keys, and fires by tapping the screen or space bar.

Application Homepage . Discussion thread Installation and .deb installation file can be downloaded

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