Sweden - Become a test pilot for Nokia N9 and then KEEP IT !

Jul 15, 2011

 Are you from Sweden ? Fancy having a hard Play with the Nokia N9, giving feedback and then KEEPING it ? Over at the Nokia N9 Sweden Pilot Page that is exactly what is on Offer.

Are you one of 30 test pilots, we are looking for that hard drive Nokia N9 in September? After the trial period, you retain your phone and have a chance on a weekend trip to London.

More Info and Conditions - Beware this has been translated using Google translate

How to apply
Take the opportunity to become one of 30 selected test pilots of new Nokia N9. The selection is based on an assessment of how well you fit just as a test pilot. The 30 best-motivation and the best recommendations from friends will be selected. August 21, 2011 is last day to apply. In order to apply pair your Facebook account with this site and then invites your own friends to tell about why you are suitable as a test pilot for Nokia N9.

To have a chance of being selected, you must first write a good justification. But you also need to fight for your friends to advise you on this site. You do this by dividing your application on Facebook and show them to your application in which they comment on it and recommend you! It is important to you as a participant encourage your friends to comment and keep the dialogue alive on your application, it increases the chances of admittance.

The jury consists of representatives from Nokia Sweden who will review all applications and select the 30 that are considered best suited as test pilots. The decision, based both on the participant's own motivation and participant support from friends, is final and can not be appealed. Nokia is able to remove the contribution that can be perceived offensive. To participate, you must be over 18 years. Nokia reserves the right to use entries in their marketing.

Being a test pilot
The 30 selected test pilots undertake at a later stage to conduct the test data with the Nokia N9 such as (but not limited to) to blog about Nokia N9, Twitter and use it during September and October 2011. Each selected test pilot also agree that the above event appears in Nokia's own channels, such as (but not limited to) www.nokia.se and / or one or more third-party media. The pilot retains its Nokia N9 after the test period. The phone can not be exchanged for money.

New cooperation and competition description struck between Nokia and Sweden each selected test pilot. The test pilot at the end of the period deemed to have made its best efforts to showcase and disseminate knowledge on Nokia N9 rewarded with a weekend trip for two to London.

Any profits tax paid by the participant. The adopted notified by e-mail. Nokia employees and their relatives may not participate.

All data are processed in PDA, the Personal Data Act.

Source Nokia N9 Pilot Page

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