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Jul 31, 2011


Automatic installer/uninstaller for WebOS games. It installs game from .ipk file, applies all needed hacks and creates desktop launcher. It also can back up/restore games' saves.

'wgames' in repo


* Single click install/uninstall
* Applies all needed hacks
* No changes in system files/dirs (all hacks are implemented with LD_PRELOAD technique)
* No root usage - desktop/icons are stored under /home/user/.local path
* Installs game (by default) into 32GB partition
* Localization support
* Written in C++ using Qt4
* Allows to store/restore game saves
* Multitouch-dependant games adapted for keyboard controls (NOTE. Seems, now that mappings works only for ru_RU locale, Will be researched and fixed ASAP)
* Configurable settings for dirs (useful for people with unusual partitioning)
* Space and directories checks on all stages of install/uninstall
* Simple procedure for adding new games

Maemo packages URL: http://maemo.org/packages/view/wgames/


* Install 'WebOS Games Manager' via Application manager, or 'apt-get install wgames' via terminal.


* Copy your purchased ) .ipk files into MyDocs/Downloads dir. (for Windows users - dir Downloads on Nokia N900, when connected to computer). Create this folder if not exists.
* Run WebOS Games from Applications menu, select game and press 'Install'.










The supported games list will grow, as soon as comunity members will post information about it here. To add a new game to the list, you have to prepare .ini file and image for preview. Format of .ini file and (optional) postinstall file I will describe later, but meanwhile you can see examples in /usr/share/wgames/gamesinfo/ dir.

Here is the brief tutorial for How to contribute with new game support.


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