4squick Update: Adds Photos and Tips to FourSquare

Aug 21, 2011


A foursquare app for MeeGo Harmattan devices (N9/N950) has just received an update that brings the ability to view photos associated with a venue and also read and leave tips.

4Squick-Download-Nokia-N9-N950-MeeGo-Harmattan-MeegoExperts-Avatar 4Squick-Download-Nokia-N9-N950-MeeGo-Harmattan-MeegoExpertsAvatar-1



  • Venue photos support
  • Tips support
  • Read venue tips
  • Add a new tip
  • Share added tip to Twitter and Facebook
  • Mark tips as todo / done
  • Search history with top searches
  • Multiple fixes and UI modifications
  • A bit better Harmattan experience

Get the .sis or .deb file from the download page.

Source The Handheld Blog

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