Android Is The Least Open Of the Open Source Platforms ?

Aug 4, 2011


In a study with eight Open Source Projects Android, Qt, Symbian, MeeGo, Mozilla, WebKit, Linux and Eclipse it was found that Googles Android was last, by a fair margin. The study was carried out by the market research firm VisionMobile focusing on open governance, inclusiveness, transparency and ease of access to source code. When looking at Open Governance Index Android scored a mear 23% with the next closest competitor at 58%:

Open Governance Index (% open)
Android 23%
MeeGo 61%
Mozilla 65%
WebKit 68%
Linux 71%
Eclipse 84%

"Visibility to the roadmap is limited, as there is no Android roadmap publicly available. In fact, development of the Android private branch and the roadmap is controlled by Google, with little input from external parties or the Open Handset Alliance members. When launched, the Open Handset Alliance served the purpose of a public industry endorsement for Android. Today, however, the OHA serves little purpose besides a stamp of approval for OHA members; there is no formal legal entity, no communication processes for members nor frequent member meetings."

Many of us know Android as not being that Open, but the fear is that it will become more closed as times go by. Remember Android and MeeGo are both Linux based and as such we want whats best for our older brother and whats best is for him to be Open but then that depends on Google. Heres a link to the complete report if your feeling bored.

Source Gizmodo

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