GPodder 2.18 Powerswitch Released - Maemo

Aug 15, 2011


Here is the latest version of GPodder, Version 2.18 code named "Powerswitch".

Due to a problem with using the Transifex client for pulling in new translations into our repository before the last release, gPodder 2.17 was missing some translations that existed in previous versions. This release - gPodder 2.18 - fixes this issue and re-adds all missing translations. The YouTube bugfix that has been the reason for the 2.17 release is obviously also included in this release.

Download links and information:

Download: gpodder-2.18.tar.gz
md5sum: 69b2667c89996c39cda70b20b6b518db
sha1sum: 02d0ed954b596c592b8113c60ba1b30dd9fde23a

Source GPodder Development Blog

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