Butaca 0.2.7 Released - MeeGo Harmattan - Nokia N9 / N950

Aug 7, 2011


Butaca 0.2.7 is now available. Grab it at the Downloads page. It features

  • Favorites support: you can mark content (people and movies) as favorite to keep them in the welcome view so they act as a shortcut
  • Share support: you can share people and movies using the share interface. It will use the means available in the system: email, text message or other accounts.
  • Detailed cast view: after clicking on the cast preview, you will get the detailed cast view organized by sections (actors, director(s), writers...)
  • Several layout improvements: The detailed movie view now respects the margins, and uses placeholders when some information is missing
Butaca-0.2.7-Released-MeeGo-Experts Butaca-0.2.7-Released-MeeGo-Experts-1
Butaca-0.2.7-Released-MeeGo-Experts-2 Butaca-0.2.7-Released-MeeGo-Experts-3
Butaca-0.2.7-Released-MeeGo-Experts-4 Butaca-0.2.7-Released-MeeGo-Experts-5

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