Butaca 0.3.4 Released - MeeGo Harmattan

Aug 31, 2011


Butaca aims to be your best movie companion. Butaca is Free Software under the GPL 3.0 and runs on your MeeGo/Harmattan devices.

What is Butaca?

Butaca is an application which allows accessing a lot of movie-related information. Using  The Movie Database as a backend, Butaca lets you search for a movie and get the title, rating, release date, overview, cast... and a lot of interesting data. It can be used as well to access information about the people in the movie industry: from actors to writers, you'll get all their interesting details.

Besides, you can explore all the movie genres to find new movies and save them as favorites to check them in any moment, you can find what's going on on the theaters around you, and also search the showtimes for a given movie.

Future improvements will add support for checking whether a movie has extras after or during the credits and also sharing the info on the Internet (using the email, Twitter or Facebook to communicate your intention to watch some movie, or how interesting you found another one you already watched)









Check the rest of the screenshots at the extended version of this page

Get Butaca on your device

Butaca is already available in the  MeeGo Open Build System (OBS). To install it and get updates, you can add the (temporary)  Harmattan Community Repository

deb ./

To your /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ directory as home-rzr-harmattan.list, and then

#apt-get update
#apt-get install butaca

Or you can simply download and install from the Downloads page.

Note that the previous repository was my personal one, and I'll be favouring the community one from now (version 0.2) on. Make sure you update your sources! The debian packages will be still available at the Downloads page.

Source code

Butaca is Free Software, and it's licensed under the GPL 3.0. It is being developed at  gitorious: you can clone the repository, hack on it under scratchbox or your own device, and send merge requests with patches!


Source Nokia Developer

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