Clarification on Linux Foundations decision not to host MeeGo Community App Store

Aug 11, 2011


Below is official clarification on the Linux Foundations decision to not host the MeeGo community app store on their infrastructure. On the whole this was a VERY unpopular decision to the MeeGo community who assumed they had a home on the LF servers.

Hi everyone,

As was mentioned earlier, the LF recently had to make a tough call that we
won't be able to host the MeeGo community app store on our infrastructure at
OSU. An addition to the core MeeGo project of this scope takes a
non-trivial amount of time, people, server space, bandwidth, cooling, legal
review, and so on. This is a really resource intensive activity across all
lines, operational, legal, technical, etc.

We know this hasn't been a popular decision, but I want to be really clear:
we're fully behind the idea of a community app store, and are happy to see take shape. The domain has been approved for a little
while now (see bug 20531) and we are happy to do whatever we can to support
this. Thomas and I had been talking about using this domain on a separate
topic prior to this discussion, and we're fully behind it. MeeGo has, from
the start, been about choice, and it is great to see an all-open,
all-community app store taking shape alongside AppUp, Ovi, WeTab Market, and
others we may haven't even heard of yet.

We discussed this during yesterday's Community Office IRC meeting. If you
want more details, the logs are here:

On a final note, sorry that the communication wasn't so good here. I was on
leave for a little while longer than expected, but am back now if you have
any questions that aren't answered in that transcript.


Source Mailing List via @mwkn

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